The SAT exam or the Scholastic Aptitude Test is an exam that most will find intimidating. It would mostly be due to the hype surrounding it and everyone around you telling you that it is a test that will perhaps ultimately determine your future. While, it is certainly an important exam, you can almost always pass it well if you put in a little bit of effort in to preparing for it. So compiled below are some basic strategies for you to make use of when preparing for the exam. Link here to gather information about GMAT classes in Dubai.

Know what is on the test- Reading section

A SAT preparation mainly involves practicing mock questions; this means it is important to know what is coming for the test in each section. The sections mainly cover three areas, the reading, math and writing sections. These are the compulsory areas that you must spend your time preparing for. The critical reading section tests you on your understanding of sentences, essays and paragraphs which means that you would be expected to spend at least 70 minutes on this section which covers a 20 minute section and two 25 minute sections. Every SAT exam is standardized to help evaluate individuals on the same criteria, so familiarizing yourself with the format will help you prepare better.

Math section

The mathematics sections tests you on your arithmetic skills and knowledge. This will be tested with the help of a scientific calculator which you can use at the exam. This will once again add up to a total of 70 minutes answering time, taking the format of the reading section. There are 44 multiple choice questions in this section and includes algebra, geometry, statistics and probability. You could also attend SAT classes in Dubai conducted locally to help with specific areas that you might need some extra help in.

Writing section

This section despite what it is called has only one area that requires you to actually write. Otherwise, the majority of this section is multiple choice questions that test your judgment on good writing skills. This includes an essay written in 25 minutes, and a multiple choice segment of 35 minutes. Thus, expect to spend at least 60 minutes in this particular section.

What is not on the exam?

Now that we are clear on the areas that will appear in the exams, we can completely disregard the areas that are not going to be tested on. You will not be asked for specific dates and names from various passages that you are required to read. Scientific concepts, abstract reasoning and logic are complex areas that cannot be judged through such exams.