Having a child can be the happiest and biggest blessing you have in your life. However when you have a child your responsibilities increase. You will have to work harder and probably longer hours not only to pay for the expenses of a baby but plan for your child’s future. This will include having to save for school and starting your child’s college fund. However during the course of your children’s childhood years you will have to take breaks from work to spend time with your spouse and kids. You do not want to wake up one day and realize that you missed your children growing up.
Do something everyone will enjoy
Get family entertainment tickets to go see things like a movie which is appropriate and will be enjoyed by all ages or go to a sports event which you and your kids will both enjoy.
If your kids are older then it will be nice for you’ll to go and catch a play. The easiest thing to do is to get theater tickets online if they are available so you won’t have to stand in long queues. Also by getting them that way you may get a discount If you use a certain card or if you buy it early.
Enjoy the little things
Kids grow up so fast that you may feel that they grew up the blink of an eye. This is why the little things are the most important things to enjoy because these are the things that you will most likely miss the most. Help your kids with their homework, this will help you’ll bond but also will teach your kids at a young age that you will help them if you need them. This will also be a good way of monitoring their school work. Encourage your kids to do sports. Sports will build character and leadership so it can be an important aspect of their childhood. Help them by doing outdoor activities like playing catch or swimming. This is also a good way of getting exercise for your kids.
Don’t waste time
When you have free time do not waste it. If you get a day or a week off work make the maximum out of it. Don’t do work at home just because you have free time instead you can plan a picnic or another activity to spend time with your kids. Do not waste time being mad at them, if they get bad marks or do something wrong tell them that they must work harder and also to own up to their mistakes and apologize. Do not stay mad at them afterwards because this won’t benefit them and it won’t benefit you.