Does the thought of sitting behind an office desk from nine to five, make you jittery? Do you prefer taking on challenging tasks with innovative ideas? If this is the case, then you might be considered a ‘creative person’. If you were already aware of that and are contemplating your career options the fret not! This article will provide insight into the career options you could choose if you are a creative person with no idea of which field to explore.


The thought of creating a masterpiece cake design or the idea of testing out a new chocolate fudge brownie recipe may exhilarate you. If this is the case, then choosing a job in the field of baking might be the right choice for you. Nowadays, clients don’t opt for plain boring cake designs, in fact, the market has changed drastically, expecting bakers to create life size cakes with great attention to detail. If you like to create and eat, then this is the best option for you!

Interior Designing

Just graduated with a degree in designing? Confused about which job opportunities to apply for? Or are you just a student still contemplating whether to pursue a degree in design or not? if you have already completed your degree in design then working for a Dubai interior design company would be the ideal option for you. For students who are not sure about pursuing this degree, a short term internship at one such company would provide more insight into the mechanisms of this field and whether or not they cater to your interest. The job of an interior designer generally requires creating unique concepts and colour palettes in order to coordinate it with other aspects of the room such as furniture and other ornaments. They aim to revamp a particular area allocated to them, so as to provide a fresh and innovative look to that space.

Hair and makeup artist

Love playing with colours and trying out new hairstyles? With the rise of Instagram and YouTube trends, the requirement for professional makeup artists recreating the latest trends in the world of makeup, have also become essential. Thus, a career in this area would cater to your interests and help you make a notable amount of money as well.

Event coordinator

Does shopping in the home decor Dubai and party supplies section excite you? If planning events and coordinating objects according to the theme causes your adrenaline to rush then this is just the right career for you. In the past this would not be considered as a proper career, however, in recent times the demand for event planners has increased drastically. With people’s requirements for themed parties with perfect organisation becoming a trend, the number of people choosing this as a career option have also increased.

A creative person has no boundaries. You may not be interested in jobs which require you to work with statistics and figures all day long. Therefore, the range of options for a creative person are infinite. You could even combine two careers to create on for yourself. If you maintain your creativity and work hard, then the world is your oyster and you can conquer whichever field you think would interest you!