Are you looking for a holiday experience that is different to deserts, snow and concrete jungles? When it comes to global travel, there are a few places and experiences that fall into the “must-see”, “must-do” categories. From basking in the pearly sand beaches of a tropical island to the cold frosty snow hikes in the white mountains, adventure travel can be experienced in several landscapes and terrains. One not to miss, however, is the changing landscapes in Indochina, where you can travel through paddy fields, valleys, mountains and forests in ever-changing landscapes.
If you are looking for international tour packages from Dubai, a few suggested destinations in the Indochina region would be Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. These locations provide a vast expanse of landscapes from chilly mountains, to low-land valleys, ever-green rain forests and tropical beaches. Be ready to immerse yourself in a variety of experiences like ancient historical sites, rich culture and cuisine, including endemic fauna and flora found in untouched territories among the caves and mountains of this region.
Apart from trekking, cycling and mountain climbing in these regions, other forms of travel exist that can be found easily as tour packages, like Thailand and luxury travel in Myanmar that entails luxury cruises along the untouched lakes and rivers that flow silently, giving you a rich experience to watch the scenery roll by while you enjoy gourmet cuisine, authentic Indochinese spas and meditation amidst the temples and mountains that loom by.
All locations in Indochina are reachable between each other by either train, plane or boat. This allows easy access to multiple locations. Some of the known tour agents offer transfers from Cambodia to Vietnam, and Vietnam to Myanmar. This trend is seen mainly due to the abundance in historic temples and tombs that create an enchanting connection for a traveler with a keen interest in exploring the historical sites of Indochina.
Scattered around these regions are UNESCO world heritage sites that link up to form a great tour, for example, the Perfume River flows through the main UNESCO world heritage cities in Vietnam, which can easily be toured by domestic flights or cruise ships that can flow along the river for a luxury travel experience. However, when traveling from one location to the other, make sure to consider your length of stay and how long the transfers generally take.
Planning a trip is ideal for traveling within a limited time span. It is recommended to get in touch with renowned travel agents who have been handling tour packages for some time, to ensure a smooth transition during your holiday and avoid scams and wasting time while being on holiday.