Aluminium is widely used in building industry due to its property as a tough and stable material for construction. It has various properties that make it suitable for building and make it a metal that has resistance from corrosion and has durability. It can be recycled and comes with good strength.

In construction, frames, like windows, casts, glazed structures, doors, roof super structure, curtain walls, shopping structure, stadium, roofing, sliding, etc., are made of aluminium. For the renovation of old structures, like historical building etc., Aluminium has a big role to play. Builders always strive for innovative and revolutionary techniques for building and constructions and aluminium has always provided support for complex structures and driving their imagination. This will always be the part of ever evolving and revolutionary construction industry. This is the reason there has been a rising demand of aluminium products including cladding and panels. Finding reputed aluminium cladding companies will help you get top quality product.For non-residential buildings also aluminium provides a good stable structure. The clad facade not only improves the look of the structure, but also provides good durability. Good insulation property also improves energy efficiency of the construction. Good quality aluminum cladding can make the structure very stable. As aluminium is very light in weight it’s easy to transport from one location to another as compared to other metals. Specific weight (2 to 3kg/m3) rolled panels can be elevated by hands and hence does not need any heavy machinery for work. Its light weight but there is no compromise in the strength of the metal as compared to other heavier metal alternatives. The dimensions of the structure are also managed well because of this. This poses a good advantage for making structures, like curtain wall for high risk buildings.

Aluminium has high strength to weight ratio. This means that with very less weight this metal can handle high load of materials, like cement, sand etc. Post construction when the constructed space is occupied the aluminium can hold good loads, even for high rise. This is the most important quality of material needed for construction. With proper alloying the strength of the metal can be properly adjusted. It has the density of 2.7 that’s one third of the steel. So, with help of alloying the metal can be adjusted as per the need and requirement of the construction material.

The metal also helps to handle high load and complexity which makes it easier for designers for giving wings to their creations and bring in new designs and innovation in the construction industry. Since last 50 years builders have been using Aluminium worldwide and most of them have been very satisfied with the usage. There are many researches going on over various alloys of Aluminium which can turn to be game changer in future.