Every girl loves a first date! It’s a new and exciting opportunity to give your date an amazing first impression. No matter how old you are, a first date is an exciting thing. More so if it’s with someone who means a lot to you. However, preparing to go on a first date can be a bit of a scary affair if you haven’t had time to decide what to wear or if you’re just too nervous. Either way, don’t fret! Follow the simple tips listed below and you’re good to go.
Outfit choice
This is the main factor. What exactly you’re going to be wearing is the question you should ask yourself first, as this look is what your make-up and accessories will surround. Firstly, you need to take into consideration what kind of date it’s going to be, is it a dinner, a movie or something that requires a lot of walking? Think of what you’ll have to do during the date and make your decision. If it’s going to be a strapless dress for a candle lit dinner, you’ll have to go that extra mile and make sure you put on a self adhesive bra, so as to avoid any closet mishaps! If it’s going to a walk in the beach and ice-cream, get your favorite sweater and jeans out!
The sort of footwear you’re supposed to wear is entirely dependent on our outfit. If it’s a dinner date, then heels that match your dress would be ideal. If it’s a walk and ice-cream, your sneakers or converse would be the best choice. Avoid uncomfortable footwear at all costs!
Make-up and hair
Finally, the make-up and hairdo. Once again, this surrounds your outfit choice. However, the place you’ll be going to also plays a part when choosing your make-up. Is it going to be a fancy restaurant or event? If so, get crazy and go all out with your make-up. Is it going to be a fun dinner? Keep your make-up minimal. Pick your hairstyle as you go!
Finally, before you step out of your house, make sure you double and triple check yourself! Avoid any outfit fails, take extra precaution by using nipple covers and put in a few extra safety pins, just in case. Don’t forget to add a few final touches of powder, wear your favorite earrings and spray your best perfume!
Once you get through the steps listed above, you’re all set to enjoy your first date and have a great time without any worry!