Spring is here, and with it comes spring cleaning and freshening up your living space. If you’re bored with how your living room looks or if you want to add more items to complement your current set up, we have some creative ideas for you.

What your living room says about you

As the name implies, your living room is space for you to entertain your guests and to enjoy a relaxing moment. It should be soothing to a weary spirit and have a peaceful ambience to help you unwind after a hard day’s work. Apart from the bare necessary articles you already have, you can add items such as living room storage shelves, mirrors and even adjustable beds to fill up corners that may look bare. We’ll look at some of these in detail below.

Living room storage

In a modern living room, a television and media centre takes center stage. Therefore, the most obvious piece of furniture would be a cabinet to house your television and related paraphernalia. Since cabinets come in all shapes and colours, you have to be mindful in selecting one that compliments your wallpaper and colour scheme. A minimalist cabinet with just enough space for a television would compliment any living room. Another aspect to consider when setting up a television cabinet is to make sure that all cables and wires are hidden behind the set for a clean look. If you have a book collection, you can display it in a bookshelf in a corner of your living room. Pay close attention to the colour of the shelf; a natural wood colour will compliment any scheme but painted bookshelves should be used accordingly.


Seating in a living room comes in all shapes and sizes; you should select the size of sofa Abu Dhabi according to the size of your living room. A large four seater will take up most space so it is advisable to set up a two seater instead. In addition to a comfortable sofa, several armchairs in a matching upholstery material can be placed around it to seat additional guests. More customization can be had through the upholstery material of your seating. The most affordable is fabric but it requires regular vacuuming to maintain its shape. Leather upholstery is more expensive, but proper maintenance will make it more durable than any other option. Always ask your upholsterer about leather conditioners and shampoos so you can clean your leather sofas when required.

No matter what articles you decide to get this spring, make sure you they are of the best quality.