If you are blessed to have a lot then you should give back to people. You should realize that not everyone is as fortunate as you. You do not only have to give by donating money, you can give back in so many ways.
Volunteer your time
You can volunteer your time to help people. You can help your family. If you have a grandmother then you should spend time with her and help her with her needs. You should realize that she is old and she may feel lonely and isolated. Take her out to get a coffee or just drop by her place on a daily basis and see how she is doing. You can take a fun and educational gifts or a pack of card to play with her, this small act of kindness can make a person very happy.
You can volunteer at a local school. Even a small activity like helping people to clean the school or reading to young kids can help educators who are overworked and stressed out. By doing little things you can give them a little space to relax.
You can have a yard sale and donate the money to a charity. You can go door to door collecting things that people do not need. You can go through your own things and decide what you want to let go. You should try and get people to help you because there may be too much work for you to do on your own.
You can help a student by tutoring him for free. If a student you know is struggling and you are good at the particular subject that he is struggling in then you should try and help him. It can be a very satisfying feeling when he gets good marks.Go to a gift shop Dubai and buy things for underprivileged kids. This is a place that sells souvenirs and small items that you can give as presents. The items that are normally sold are t-shirts, coffee mugs and stuffed animals.
You can even give presents to kids in other countries by using online gift delivery. Find a quality provider who will send the presents on time, to the right place and who will make sure that nothing gets damaged.
Talk about your experiences
You can visit places and talk to kids and tell them how you became successful. You can also talk about different challenges that you had to overcome. This may teach kids new things and they may even build a plan off the things that they heard.